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About Us

Thank you for visiting the NEW HAMPSHIRE COMMUNITY CHURCH website! We hope you enjoy browsing our website, and that you find a lot of useful information. We invite you to join us for worship & fellowship. We look forward to seeing you soon


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What We Believe


We describe God in three persons. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are commonly used to refer to the threefold nature of God. 

  • We believe in one God, who created the world and all that is in it. 
  • We believe that God is sovereign; that is, God is the ruler of the universe. 
  • We believe that Jesus was human. He lived as a man and died when he was crucified. 
  • We believe that Jesus is divine. He is the Son of God. 
  • We believe that Jesus is our Savior. In Christ we receive abundant life and forgiveness of sins. 
  • We believe that Jesus is our Lord and that we are called to pattern our lives after his. 
The Holy Spirit
  • We believe that the Holy Spirit is God with us. 
  • We believe that the Holy Spirit comforts us when we are in need and convicts us when we stray from God. 
The Church
  • We believe that the mission of the church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. 
  • We believe that the church is called to worship God and to support those who participate in its life as they grow in faith. 
The Bible
  • We believe that the Bible is the primary authority for our faith and practice. 
  • We believe that Christians need to know and study the Old Testament and the New Testament (the Hebrew Scriptures and the Christian Scriptures).



We have a long history, the earliest records date back to 1855 when Samuel Boggs was the Pastor. At that time we were know as the M.E. Church of New Hampshire. The sanctuary of our current building is the orginal church. In 1938 the classrooms on west side of the church were added and on February 1968 the Fellowship Hall was dedicated. 


From 1855 to the present we have had almost 70 pastors. In 1855 we were in the North Ohio conference of the United Methodist Church, then in 1856 became part of the Central Ohio Conference. In 1913 we became part of the West Ohio Conference.


We were in the Sidney district for 1 year in 1855, then part of the Lima District until 2006 when the districts were reorganized. At that time we became part of the North West Plains District.


We were always with another circuit or charge and shared a pastor with another church, first with Roundhead then with St. Johns. In the 1920's we were part of a charge of three churches along with St. Johns and Mt. Tabor. In 1977 the charge reduced to Mt. Tabor and New Hampshire. In 2002 we became a single charge.


In 2012 we became a independent, non-denominational church.